NEW cartoon series

2015-09-21 12:15:45 by Platanoz

Hey, guys, I'm really excited to show you the first episode of my new cartoon series "Monkey Wrench." It's a "learn-medy" series about animation and animators. Hope you check it out and enjoy it :)

My youtube channel

2015-09-07 14:58:51 by Platanoz

Hey, guys, I made my youtube channel like a year ago, but I never really posted any videos. I used it mainly to watch other people's videos lol. But recently, I've begun to post a wide variey of content that ranges from funny cartoon parodies like this one:

to speedpaints:

to a show were a monkey talks about videogames:

So if you are a fan of my artwork and cartoons, I suggest you subscribe to my youtube channel cuz I usually post more content there, and everything I make goes on there first, then to my newgrounds account.

If you'd like me to start doing tutorials on how I do my paintings, leave a comment.

Thank you :)